South Dock / St George’s Wharf Development – Any Update re November workshop?

I see on the Southwark Council web page dedicated to the enormous proposed development, which I believe is called “St George’s Wharf,” that there was supposed to a workshop in November regarding the boatyard.  The workshop is entitled “Workshop No.1:  Designing A Viable Boatyard.”

I attended a consultation meeting and signed up to be notified of any updates regarding this development but have heard nothing about the November workshop, and neither have other residents who provided their contact details.

We are now in mid November, so if the workshop is still to be held in November they are not giving residents much notice – unless some residents have been notified and others haven’t?  Has anyone heard of this workshop being arranged?  And if so when is it, or is it over already?  Information gratefully received (you can email me:  andie [at]

The Southwark Council web page for this development is at:

Also see my notes following one of the October consultation meetings:

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